Deportation protections promised by Obama in the process of being legally undone: you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see that coming

You could see it coming like a Mack truck if you base your trust in the Democratic Party on its history. When Obama issued an executive order giving deportation protection to those brought to the US as children & later to their undocumented parents, it was certain to be a matter of time before they found a way to reverse that order. And when they did earlier this year, they had the names & addresses of tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants so they know just where to pick them up.

Twenty-six US states sued to undo the Obama order & today an appeals court upheld an earlier court injunction to block the plan while it works its way through the courts.

You can parse the legalities of this maneuver till the cows come home. And when you finish it all adds up to a con job. Deportations under Obama have dwarfed those under earlier regimes–including George Bush. Why the hell would he deport tens of thousands at the same time he is offering something less than amnesty with no commitments?

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