Code Pink embarrasses U.S. antiwar movement by applauding Kerry for Iran deal

Did Code Pink really stand up & applaud John Kerry when he entered the Senate hearing room about the Iran deal? I haven’t read the deal, I don’t think Code Pink has; most media commentators are vague about its content because it doesn’t seem to be available for public access yet. So why would an antiwar group ever applaud a representative of US militarism in several countries & who functions as a nuclear cop in Iran? The US has no rights to police the world to suit its economic & political interests. It must be remembered Iran has no military bases or troops stationed outside its own country & the US has nearly 1,000.

John Kerry also negotiates military aid to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bahrain, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, & a dozen other countries. He shills for US wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, drone bombing in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, & sweatshop economics everywhere.

This whole fiasco reminds me of when people like Glenn Greenberg lobbied for Chuck Hagel as US Secretary of Defense, guided by the lesser evil syndrome. There are no lesser evils nor largesse associated with US militarism. The deal that looks so good in obfuscation will prove to be full of loopholes leading to more war.

Code Pink needs to smarten up about the Pentagon & not shame the US antiwar movement with this stunt.

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