Some of U.S. left crapping out with Bernie Sanders

The bullheaded commitment to lesser evilism from sections of the US left is really taking a beating in the Bernie Sanders campaign. If you want to politically anatomize the differences between the Sanders kind of socialists & others, Palestine is the touchstone. But the hallmark of Sanders kind of socialists is their indifference to international issues. They think they’re being oh-so dialectic when they turn their backs on Sanders’ war policies & support for Israeli colonialism under the mantra “No body is perfect.”

Despite never evincing the least interest in working people, they go all proletarian with discussions about employment & poverty in the US. So when Sanders completely, hopelessly crapped out on the question of civil rights for the Black community under violent siege, his dialecticians try to weasel their way out of their own & his contradictions by talking about class distinctions within the Black community–as if they’re making theoretical inroads instead of asses of themselves.

They retreat to their phony ecumenism & aspersions about identity politics because when you scratch their pompous asses you will find a xenophobe–usually a tenured white one–terrified by independent Black political power.

“Blacks lives matter” should not be that hard for Sanders to say & it does not scare the hell out of those who agree & want to be part of the emerging civil rights & Black power movement.

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