Bernie Sanders admits to Barbara Walters he is not against capitalism

When you’re sick in bed, you’ll watch anything to relieve the tedium–including Bernie Sanders being interviewed by Barbara Walters. Both have come a long way in life for being such nonentities.

Walters asked Sanders if he was against capitalism–a system that’s barbarism endears itself only to profiteers & psychos. Sanders answered no, he favored a mixed economy–an entirely fictitious economic entity which is capitalism with a few social services kicked in. He didn’t specify which country usually identified as a mixed economy he preferred to model. Whether China with its sweatshops & child labor, the US & UK with their massive inequality & endless wars, or Sweden with a multi-billion dollar defense industry.

Walters, who is a personal friend of Henry Kissinger, nodded approvingly at Sanders’ response. So much for Sanders the socialist.