Attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque are a call to arms for Palestinian supporters

Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque are an extremely threatening provocation & a call to arms for Palestinian supporters around the world. Emergency rallies at Israeli embassies should be considered.

Here in McAllen, on the US border with Mexico, we are assembling local activists for a rally next week. We have no Israeli embassy so will be protesting at the US federal building.

It only takes a placard & commitment. My introduction to Palestinian solidarity was during the 1967 war. I was troubled by the pro-Israel hysteria in media & when I saw a lone Palestinian picketer in front of the student union at the University of Minnesota, asked him why he was picketing. He answered–probably afraid of being attacked–that “they stole our land.” I knew something was off in media & his picket prompted me to seek out answers.

Rallies are educational events that make people question what they hear on the news. So consider a rally–even if it’s only a few.