Assadists & the Zombie Apocalypse

There’s a fine line between Assad supporters trolling your posts & the Zombie Apocalypse. It might be good to reiterate the rules of engagement for the latter so you can use them for the former.

–Never engage with one if you can avoid it. Deflect every overture, even if they pretend to like one of your posts. If they try to trap you into a conversation, run for it or “block ’em Danno.”

–Never underestimate one; don’t be fooled by their robotic recitations from RT or Global Research. They can burst out of hiding behind a timid persona & suck your brain out in the blink of an eye.

–If necessary, seek medical attention after any encounter. The zombie virus can enter your body through the smallest opening in your skin–very much like the virus they get from reading MSM.

If you end up marrying one, you’re on your own. May you RIP.