A tender moment on a hard journey for Syrian refugees

Syrian family (Muhammed Muheisen:AP)

These are really epic times we’re living through, confusing & stressful times. It calls on us to unravel & understand complex historic processes at a time when media obfuscates & stands justice on its head. Just getting the facts straight is an ordeal.

Every once in a while we need to pause & just get back to basics so we don’t lose our bearings–the basics of what human life is really all about. There’s so much human suffering created by inequality & realpolitik. But still despite so many disunities we create music, poetry, art, stories to charm one another–& the bonds of human love.

Muhammed Muheisen is a photojournalist who captures some of those things midst the squalor of refugee life, usually of Afghans in Pakistan, but here of Syrians in Croatia near the Hungarian border. This is 13 year-old Laila Abdulkarim holding her 6 month-old brother Zain who 6 year-old Mohammed is reaching up to kiss.

There are many photos of young refugees traveling alone, huddled, & bereft. The toughness is a marvel of human endurance because most of us get thrown for a loop if the hot water goes out for a day or the lights go out. These are dispossessed of everything.

This is just a tender moment on a hard journey that lets us know they will prevail.

(Photo by Muhammed Muheisen/AP)