An ardent defender of the Dalai Lama took exception to those who criticized his recent xenophobic comments about refugees to Europe & posted a long apologia. We’re all entitled to our opinions & interpretations.

After ranting about my privilege, arrogance, & ignorance, he posted this on his wall:

“Sometimes in my frustration at selective radicalism of some ‘leftists’ in US/UK context, I wish it was they who were the victims of 1989 Tiananmen or the Cultural Revolution or Stalin’s Gulags.

Combining white privilege with security of state citizenship (and passport), these arrogant fools have a habit of demeaning the experiences of Chinese, Tibetan and Uighur dissidents and refugees. With dehumanising and selective leftists like these, who needs to rightwing to destroy ideals of socialism?”

Let me just say that in 50 years of political activism I have had countless knock-down drag-out political battles & have often taken the worst of it. But I have never, even in my heart of hearts, wished that kind of harm on anyone. It is beyond civilized discourse to suggest a woman activist be tortured, shot down, or imprisoned because she dares to differ with you.