Of all the worthless shysters offering condolences for Muhammad Ali, Narendra Modi takes the cake

Narendra Modi tweet regardint M. Ali

Of all the worthless shysters in all the world weighing in on Muhammad Ali’s death, CBS news chose to highlight the comments of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi which he tweeted from his state visit to Afghanistan:

“RIP Muhammad Ali. You were an exemplary sportsperson & source of inspiration who demonstrated the power of human spirit & determination.”

You wouldn’t know from reading his cliched condolences that as Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, Modi initiated & orchestrated anti-Muslim massacres in 2002. Many terms have been used to describe the horrors, including pogrom, state terrorism, genocide, & ethnic cleansing. Descriptions of the violence, particularly sexual violence against women & children, are chilling & beyond gruesome.

You also wouldn’t know from his condolences that he has 700,000 soldiers deployed in predominantly Muslim Kashmir engaged in extreme violence against the population.

Why would CBS cull out this monster’s condolences? Perhaps to serve the US Pentagon which is engaged in a new military alliance with India in the Asian-Pacific region. They’re helping polish his image.

Muhammad Ali, a Muslim, would turn over in his grave if he knew what dirt-balls were feigning condolences–dirt-balls who wouldn’t know exemplary or inspiration if they came up & bit them in the ass.