The post about Meir Ettinger–the Israeli guy picked up as a suspect in the firebombing murder of the Dawabsheh family but set free with a tsk-tsk–is evoking some very unsavory comments–most of which I am furiously deleting. Two of them hailed Hitler & Nazism for the Jewish holocaust; others called for burning him alive, hanging him, torturing him.

The culture of impunity in Israel for the murder of & assaults on Palestinians is the problem because it fosters psychos like Ettinger. It includes arresting him but not charging him with a crime or prosecuting him. None of the Israeli media, even the most reactionary, questioned his guilt. That’s what a court of law is for.

For activists (thank heavens none of them were my Facebook friends) to call for barbarisms against this guy is an outrage. Those are the methods of the Israeli & US governments, their Mossad & CIA–not of activists who want to see justice & believe the way forward for humanity is to end barbaric practices like hanging & torture.