Last evening while running an errand, I saw a big dog skulking down the road & picked her up. She clearly just had babies. It was late & dark so I brought her home & will take her out this morning on a leash to find her litter–as I learned from a dog park friend.

My little bully-butts did what they usually do for a new rescue: bark & snarl ferociously. One even went under the house to hide. So she was afraid to come in the house. She went out to poop this morning & they’re pulling the same thing so she won’t come in.

What’s astonishing is to watch Sophie, the last dog I took in (less than a month ago) who was rescued off the street by a friend. She is so solicitous for the new dog, licks her, tends to her, hovers around her–clearly trying to comfort her. Dogs are marvelous creatures. But then aren’t we all!?