My criticisms of Bernie Sanders are extremely sharp but I know many people I respect highly are ardent Sanders’ supporters. Having harsh criticisms of the guy’s politics doesn’t include damning those who support him. My mind is not that obtuse or unforgiving because I have been an activist for decades & know what it means to work with those who have differences–even significant ones.

But I have been unnecessarily badgered by left-leaning Sanders’ supporters who are irate that I won’t kiss his bumptious ass as the lesser evil. Why they give a damn about who I support is a mystery of lesser evil intolerance.

My campaign for president doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell but it is based on principles & rejects expedience because nearly 200 years of operating according to lesser evil has gotten us nowhere fast.

No one has to agree with me; many think me intolerant. But please refrain from coming to my wall & carrying on with vituperations since they will never persuade me to change my mind & my ripostes will not change yours. My companion of 22 years was intransigent in his support for Democrats so I am sure FB friends will not be less so.

All this to say I’m tired of fending off Sanders’ supporters who get mighty nasty & henceforward I will become quite ruthless in cutting it off at the pass.