Wishful thinking & cognitive dissonance about Bernie Sanders’ politics

Sanders in NY debate

For many people, the earth moved when Bernie Sanders said “We are gonna have to treat the Palestinian people with respect & dignity.” But it only shows the poverty of political thinking in the US when people laud that rhetorical sentiment & ignore his preceding comment suggesting Palestinians are terrorists. He said, “Of course Israel has a right not only to defend themselves but to live in peace & security without fear of terrorist attacks. That is not a debate.”

In case it’s not absolutely clear to Sanders, Israel is not defending itself against Palestinian terrorists when it razes homes & playgrounds in the West Bank to make room for Zionist settlers from all over Kingdom Come; when it summarily executes dozens of Palestinians & plants knives on them; when it kidnaps & incarcerates hundreds of kids who it tortures in its gulag; when it bombs homes, schools, hospitals, mosques & marketplaces to smithereens in Gaza; when it destroys tunnels for smuggling in foods, medicines, supplies necessary to human life in Gaza. Any concession on that score is absolutely unacceptable.

It’s a problem when people only hear what they want to hear & tune out the rest. It’s a political malady combining wishful thinking & cognitive dissonance. But the problem isn’t really what Sanders did & did not say or mean. Rather it’s our understanding of what the office of US president stands for & whose interests does it serve. The earth will finally move when people begin to understand the elementary truth that the president presides for corporations & bankers, not for working people.

(Photo of Sanders is screen shot from video of debate)