Kashmiri solidarity rally in New Delhi, India

Kashmiri solidarity march in New Delhi (FB wall of V Arun Kumar)

Earlier today, activists in New Delhi held a solidarity rally called “The Value of Kashmiri Lives: Protest against Handwara Killings in Kashmir.” Hundreds of activists called for the immediate release of the minor girl, her father, & aunt from police custody & demanded an independent enquiry into the military opening fire on unarmed Kashmiris.

Activists also called for repealing AFSPA, the draconian security arrangement that gives the Indian military complete impunity from prosecution for human rights crimes in Kashmir. The agreement is similar, if not more brutal, than security agreements the US imposes on Afghanistan & Iraq to protect military personnel from prosecution & exposure for war crimes.

A salute to our brothers & sisters in New Delhi.

(Photo of rally by activist V Arun Kumar)