It is politically irresponsible to throw around accusations that Edward Snowden is a CIA operative just because you disagree with something he said. You can’t make that assertion & spread it around like the gospel truth just because you get ‘bad vibes’ from the guy.

If you don’t like what he says or does, then you analyze it on its merits. But if all you’re packing is a queasy feeling, that’s not possible. Your queasy feeling wouldn’t stand up in a court of law & may indicate nothing more than a bad case of indigestion or paranoia.

Experienced activists don’t do witch-hunts & they certainly don’t do them based on a queasy feeling. One assumes there are agents provocateurs in political movements. That’s why you keep your nose clean & operate in a principled & straightforward way with others. You only serve dissension by beating the bushes for undercover operatives–& you damage people’s good names in the bargain. That’s not something to be taken lightly.

The rule of thumb is: beware those who spread suspicions based on speculations, gossip, & queasy feelings.