For so long I’ve lived with the secret shame of detesting meals around my dogs who hover around the table with that accusatory look they cultivate to get food. (Never call a dog a dummy!) I even felt slight guilt when I had to leave the house just to get away from them or lose my mind. Their companionship is lovely but sometimes you just want to go the toilet by yourself without an attentive audience.

That’s why dog parks aren’t just for socializing & exercising dogs but fortherapy for caretakers. I learned that some caretakers eat in the car, some in fast food joints, some in the bathroom just to get away from their dogs. I haven’t stooped that low but just go outside on the porch.

And apparently it’s common for caretakers to reach a level where they have to leave or go on industrial-dose tranquilizers. Some go to movies, others to the bookstore, some just hide out in the car.

Reassuring to know you’re as crazy as everybody else.