From Claire Bidwell, UK on behalf of “Let Kashmir Decide”
This is an urgent appeal to everyone regarding Yasin Malik – Remember that name…
To governments, parliamentarians, human rights defenders, people of conscience, especially in India, please help to save Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, who, in Indian custody faces a serious threat to his life. Kashmir is suffering at the hands of Modi’s authoritarian BJP government since they illegally occupied Kashmir on 5th August 2019. Yasin Malik is completely committed to a democratic peaceful solution for the Kashmir crisis and has demonstrated this with his commitment to task and involvement in peace processes over the last many years. Despite this the BJP government have imprisoned him on charges relating back 30 years using an old law referring to a public safety act. In 2008 Yasin Malik spoke passionately at a leadership conference in New Delhi yet now he is deemed a threat to the public. The Modi government, as well as silencing a nation, are silencing a leading Kashmiri voice as they know he would speak up against their actions.
Do we as an international community have to sit by and watch such barbarity? We must stop sitting in silence! The BJP government do not want anyone to speak out against their legal occupation of Kashmir or their going against UNSC resolutions or UN human rights articles and charters, but it is important that we do all speak out wherever we can and whenever we can. Modi’s actions are also a threat to world peace.
Any of you who remember the apartheid struggle of the 1980’s and the Free Nelson Mandela campaign of the 1980’s will identify many similarities. Modi has banned the JKLF political party and jailed their leader. It is just totally unacceptable. We would not walk past people in the street or in our town treating people this way so why are we allowing India to get away with it!
I’m urging all citizens of today who have taken up the strong cry against racism and the black lives matter movement to look at the crimes that are happening to humanity right here and right now in front of our eyes in Kashmir. Use your energy to raise voice for Yasin Malik and all other political prisoners who are victims of this dictatorial regime and where Modi’s government are proving that lives do not matter.
Please do whatever you can that is within your power. World Government leaders please challenge Modi; parliamentarians please challenge your governments; human rights defenders please challenge your governments and campaign how best you can for Yasin Maliks release; people of conscience please tell your friend, your councillors, your parliamentarians, human rights defenders and newspapers.
Please share this letter on all platforms.
United we can all save the life of one man and ensure him his freedom to speak for the Kashmiris. We can potentially save many political prisoners and Kashmiri lives if we act to. It is within your power to make a difference and see that justice and humanity prevails.
Free Yasin Malik!