A Kashmiri recently told me it was difficult not to be able to speak freely about their struggle because of repercussions & repression & to have to listen to others speaking for them. All non-Kashmiris who write about your struggle do so in fullest solidarity & are aware of that tension. We don’t want to put words in Kashmiri mouthes nor impose our political perspectives on Kashmiri realities. We are not speaking so much for Kashmiris as to those around the world who are not aware of your freedom struggle that we may build an international movement in your defense. In all of that, we are who we are. There may be some who wish I wasn’t a feminist or a socialist or that I was a little less mouthy. We don’t want to overstep our bounds but sometimes with the best of intentions may.
We look to Kashmiris for guidance & understanding of your situation. So when I get it wrong, I’m going to blame it all on you.