On the weekends, I work as a healthcare provider for a woman who has a compromised immune system & in fact is presently sick with a respiratory illness. No one from the agency has contacted me about screening for corona though they did send me a letter to carry if police question me about why I’m not quarantined. The woman asks me to shop at Walmart for her (which is something I put a stop to). Walmart is jam packed with shoppers but using some safety measures. None of its employees who I’ve asked have been screened for corona & only use a mask for protection. They are completely vulnerable to the virus because of their constant proximity to hundreds of shoppers.

The virus cases in the US are now almost 577,000 & spreading exponentially. If they want to stop the spread, they will have to screen essential workers who are involved with the vulnerable or with the public & maximize protection for those, especially medical personnel, who work directly with those affected. But Trump is still scratching his ass in confusion & more worried about reelection than about us plebeians who could die. The NY Times wrote a few long excoriations of the Trump regime’s response & they are damning.