One of the thousands of Kashmiri pellet gun victims: pellet guns blind, disable, disfigure, demoralize, & cause permanent injuries & health problems. That’s why they’re used, in the same way as Israeli snipers shoot at the legs of young men to permanently disable them. Most of these victims are working class & unable to afford the costly surgeries & medical treatments required to restore their health. It is a war crime to use pellet guns. India must face prosecution in an international tribunal & those responsible sent to jail for life. They wouldn’t be tortured in prison as they have done to thousands of Kashmiri boys & political prisoners. The oppressed combine resolute justice with mercy. But war crimes must be punished as any other.

UPDATE: this photo is misidentified as a Kashmiri man but he is in fact a Bahraini activist in the Bahrain Arab Spring uprising of 2011 when pellet guns were used against unarmed protesters. Because his injuries are typical of those sustained by pellet munitions, I will allow the photo to stand as representing the damage from pellet guns & the criminality of their use. But we honor the Bahraini man & other Bahraini pellet gun victims as we honor Kashmiri victims.