Thank you to friends for being sticklers about misrepresentation. Since we are always accused of fake news by the genocidaires, we are required to be rigorous & scrupulous. Here I am always squawking about it & then I go & post a misidentified photo. It was posted by many sites as a Kashmiri since India most notoriously & egregiously uses pellet munitions against protesters. But when a friend questioned it, I double-checked (as I should have in the first place) & learned it was in fact a Bahraini activist in the glorious Bahraini Arab Spring uprising of 2011 when pellet guns were used against protesters. I make this correction in the interests of always telling the truth, never exaggerating, & to honor the activists who were injured & died in attempting to bring democracy to Bahrain. We will never forget the courage they showed against the Bahraini police, Saudi & Pakistani forces.