“Every Indian child is brought up on a super-greasy diet of lies about Kashmir. S/he is trained in homes, schools, neighbourhoods and cinema halls to hate ‘terrorism’ — i.e. the Kashmiri’s fight for her birthright to Azadi. Indian children are told there are some good Kashmiris too — those who love Indian rule and are, therefore, victims of Pakistan-sponsored and Islamist terrorism, which robs them of all their human rights. And they are told many Kashmiris have been brainwashed by Pakistan to hate India, and that they carry out acts of terror threatening Indian lives. No wonder they feel great when Kashmir is put under siege, as they see it as a continuation of India’s struggle for freedom, to protect the lives and wellbeing of Indian citizens from those who hate India.”

#StandWithKashmir #EndTheOccupation

–Indian activist Satyadeep Satya