Someone actually dared come to my wall & comment that “Feminism is a cancer to the International Communist Movement.” When he says ‘International Communist Movement’, does he mean the hundreds of little deranged sects, Lilliputian cults, & half-baked grouplets who cite the mass murderer Stalin as their guru, are guppies to the Assad dictatorship & support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians, believe Jews are behind every evil in world politics, deny the Tiananmen Square massacre, denounce all the Arab Spring uprisings, Hong Kong protests, Venezuelan protests as fascist uprisings orchestrated by Mossad & the CIA, are torn between denying or defending the Rohingya & Uyghur genocides, support Duterte’s vigilante war against the urban poor? Since feminism is the ideology of women & children’s freedom from violence & degradation, opposition to feminism is on a continuum of stupidity & corruption that eventually leads to political irrelevancy.