There’s been a spate of articles in Indian media posted on FB recently about social problems like domestic violence in Kashmir. Anyone above the age of reason would know that Kashmir, like every other human society, has social problems. Anyone with half a brain ought to have the good sense to know that Kashmiris don’t need anyone’s help in addressing those issues. When those articles come from India, we should smell a stinking propaganda rat, not just meddling where they don’t belong & are certainly not welcome.
The US, India, & every other country have enough social problems to keep their citizens busy for several decades. So why are they so damn concerned about Kashmiri problems? The only social problem in Kashmir that Indian writers should be concerned about is Indian colonialism & military occupation & building a social movement to oppose that.

It’s not that social problems like domestic violence in Kashmir or anywhere else are not all our concerns. But when those articles are about Rohingya refugees, Palestinians & Kashmiris under occupation, Central American refugees in the US, & there are no spates of articles about the oppression they sustain, the intention can only be malicious to cast aspersions suggesting they are unworthy of political defense & solidarity.

Stuff the sociological analyses. Focus political energies on building movements to oppose the abuse & vilification of those sustaining war, occupation, genocide. If at any time Kashmiris, Rohingya, Palestinians, or Central Americans solicit outside advice, it’s likely to be a cold day in hell.