This is an interesting article about the resurgence of ‘race science’ in the universities. Race science is a misnomer since there isn’t a blessed thing about racism that is scientific. The ideology of racism was invented in German universities to justify slavery & other forms of social hatred & persecution. Laying its stinking corpse to rest will also have to be fought out ideologically & politically & regrettably that will be a protracted political & theoretical struggle. Though nothing overcomes stupid faster than political power, as the US Civil Rights Movement showed.

‘Race science’ received the contempt it deserved by scholarship coming out of the US Civil Rights Movement & from the anti-colonial struggles after WWII. But sociobiology, which changed its name to evolutionary psychology (evo psycho) as some kind of political dodge, countered anti-racist & Black liberation politics by claiming racism (as well as misogyny, homophobia, et al) was genetic. Evo psycho, which is as banal & lowbrow as scholarship gets, dominates universities & media today as though it were accepted science when it is unscientific rubbish through & through.

Some of the leading voices in the theoretical struggle against racism are the redoubtable Frederick Douglass from the 1870s, W.E.B. Du Bois, Ashley Montagu, Stephen J. Gould, but there are many others. They reject the very notion of distinct human races & they reject it without mercy.