There’s hardly anyone left for Assadists to condemn, especially when they identify the hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians being bombed in Idlib & Hama as terrorists operating in the region rather than civilians forcibly relocated from other regions after “liberation” by Syrian, Russian, & Iranian forces. Anyone who disagrees with or reports about Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians & hospitals is simply added to Bartlett & Beeley’s enemy list which now includes all of MSM, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the White Helmets, & Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) who have documented Syrian government bombing attacks on medical facilities & personnel from the beginning up to now.

Last week PHR issued this report titled “Destroying Hospitals to Win the War.” It will be difficult for Assad propagandists to manufacture nefarious associations for these nurses & doctors since the organization has a long history documenting violations of human rights & reporting the forensics of torture, sexual violence in conflict zones, mass atrocities.