That damn fool Sam Charles Hamad has written at least three high-flown eulogies for war monger John McCain calling him a great friend of the Syrian revolution & of the Arab Spring uprisings. That’s because Hamad supports the Syrian Arab Spring uprising only through a misunderstanding on his part–a misunderstanding he has not been able to clarify. Citing at least three confused Syrians in exile & Elizabeth Tsurkov, an Israeli commentator on Syria who resides in Chicago, he claims in Alaraby journal that condolences poured in to social media from Syrians mourning McCain’s death. That’s part of Hamad’s support for US military intervention in Syria & his complete misunderstanding of the thousands of bombs the US has dropped there as part of the counterrevolution.

These confusions are of a piece with Hamad’s ardent support for Israel, equivocations about the Palestinian struggle, & insistence that Israel is not an apartheid state even after the Jewish-only law was passed. If there are Syrians confused about the US role there, this is not to be encouraged with false panegyrics about the war monger McCain but refuted with the evidence of over 25,000 US bombs, none of them against the Syrian or Russian military but against Syrian civilians under the guise of taking out ISIS. Meanwhile, the Pentagon itself reports that over $1 billion of US weapons have ‘fallen’ into ISIS hands.

Hamad is a rightwing, pro-militarist libertarian. The poor fellow is demented politically if he looks at John McCain & sees a hero of popular revolution rather than a war monger & looks at Israel & sees freedom & justice for all. McCain’s militarism is entirely consistent from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan to Yemen to Syria & all the many US interventions in between. There is no complex legacy or demonization but only a trail of tears & blood from all the US wars McCain supported. Alas poor Sam. He is of the same school of politics as Rania Khalek. That should be a hard pill to swallow, even for him.