One last word about John McCain: the oldest of my three brothers deployed in the Vietnam War was, like McCain, a Navy pilot who launched off aircraft carriers. They are considered an elite because of the training involved & are rewarded handsomely for their bombing & destructive skills. Another brother was a Marine & the other was in the Air Force. Not one of the three came back from that war whole. I recall with horror listening to my pilot brother describe his detachment from bombing North Vietnam–not unlike playing a video war game. That detachment was not shared by my brothers on the ground who suffered immense psychic damage from combat. I was already an antiwar activist when my pilot brother recounted his experiences & could see the formation of sociopathology where one is detached from the carnage & consequences of war & of one’s own actions. Anyone who looks to militarism as a political option either has to have their heads examined or have never been up close & personal with soldiers & veterans. There is no glory in war.