If it’s true many Syrians are mourning John McCain as a friend of the revolution, this is not surprising at all since even in revolutions contending political visions exist. To posit that those mourning McCain represent all of the revolution is nonsense. It is certainly not to be taken as wisdom or gold coin that some Syrians do not understand the political character of this preeminent US war monger who was no friend to the people of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, or Palestinians. If some Syrians see McCain as an ally, that speaks to political naiveté or conservatism among them but primarily it testifies to the absolute political bankruptcy of so-called progressive forces & political figures like Tariq Ali, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, & others who marched lockstep with fascists in supporting the Assad dictatorship & counterrevolution in Syria so that some Syrians mistook McCain as an ally.