Hopefully, those who think the US can or should play a role in mediating for Kashmiris or play a role in defending the Syrian Arab Spring against counterrevolution will come to their senses after observing Trump inciting nationalists to violence against Muslims & remaining silent whilst pogroms against Muslims are going on around him.

Indian fascism will embolden fascist forces around the world as they already are against the Syrian Arab Spring. What is happening in Delhi is a political continuum with the Islamophobic ‘war on terror’ which justifies war, occupation, genocide by demonizing Muslims who are in the vanguard of opposition to colonialism & autocracy. This is an international crisis & must be responded to with massive public protests all over the world. A boycott of India has become more imperative than ever because what is happening in India will not stay in India.

This video in this article, which is going viral on social media, shows Delhi police beating injured men, taunting them with chants of ‘azaadi’, filming them, & forcing them to sing the national anthem. Some are reporting these are Muslim men & there was a report that the incident was near the Shaheen Bagh protest. It is likely they are Muslims but that is not confirmed.
A video of police personnel in riot gear thrashing five people lying injured on the side of a road is viral on social media. The video shows a policeman capturing the incident on his mobile phone while the injured men are being forced to sing the national anthem. The cops can also …


“In one part of Delhi, a gurdwara opens its doors to Muslims and anyone who needs shelter. In Seelampur, Dalits blocked the roads against mobs, sheltered their Muslim neighbours.

Police and politicians have forgotten their duty; but the people have courage and heart.”

–tweeted by Indian journalist & writer Nilanjana Roy @nilanjanaroy

“Situation is so bad in Delhi that some fellow journalists advised me not to visit the troubled areas because the rampaging mobs catch hold of anyone who looks like a Muslim. Seems a well thought plan to keep media away.”

–tweeted by AP photojournalist Altaf Qadri @AltafQadriAP
TOI photojournalist Anindya Chattopadhyay recounts horror while covering the unrest in Maujpur, northeast Delhi on Monday. He was first stopped by mem


“Thoughts, prayers and solidarity with Muslims in Delhi who are at the mercy of murderous mobs and a partisan police force.”

–Kashmiri writer Mirza Waheed

Women & children were directly targeted in the Gujarat pogroms against Muslims, making this call for help from women in Chandbagh a very serious matter.

In his pathological narcissism, Trump will resent being upstaged by the Hindutva pogroms against Muslims. But Hindutva politics are his kind of politics. It can be claimed that his inflammatory comments about ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ to a stadium of nationalists was incitement to violence against Muslims & support for the occupation & lockdown of Kashmir.