During his speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC celebrating the American revolution against British rule between 1775 & 1783, Trump said “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports.” The first successful airplane flight was not until 120 years later in 1903. Good thing the Bill of Rights allows us to call him stupid.

Read the hilarious tweets in response to Trump here:


This Syrian man & these children are not terrorists. The young man is 24-year-old Omar al Dimashqi (a name he took on for security purposes), a media activist from the Damascus suburbs who died June 23rd in a Turkish hospital from wounds sustained in a car bomb as he traveled to Idlib. May he Rest In Peace.

(Photo from Lina shamy on Twitter)

Trump’s policy of stuffing refugee children into concentration camps is in accordance with UK policy of separating children from their families. There are no reports on the conditions of child detainment in the UK but they are likely more like prisons or warehouses than boarding schools. Now it is reported that China separates Uyghur children from their families in order to break them from their language, religion, & culture. That is the same policy used in Canada, the US, & Australia where indigenous children were kidnapped from their families & institutionalized to “civilize & Christianize” them.

(Photo of Uyghur children from Uyghur American Association)

Since I often squawk about misidentifying photos, it is embarrassing to me to say that I posted about Assad’s gulag using a photo from a Syrian solidarity site without vetting it. Dumb move! When corrected by two readers, an image search shows the photo has been wrongly used by many publications & social media sites. It’s not certain which gulag the photo is from so I removed it & replaced it with an image of Assad’s gulag from the 25,000 photo album called the Caesar collection by a military photographer who defected from Syria. FB censors removed that image saying it violated their standards of nudity although the genitals were covered in the photo. Instead, I have replaced the images with a video about the Caesar collection which shows the monstrous crimes committed on an industrial scale in Assad’s gulag.

I am announcing my candidacy for US president in the 2020 elections which I don’t have a chance in hell of winning. My campaign is solely to present an uncompromising voice against inequality, war, occupation, genocide. You can ‘like’ my page even if you cannot or will not vote for me but because you agree there should be someone who speaks for the oppressed without brokering any discounts at their expense.