Being from Minnesota, I occasionally get emails from senators Al Franken & Amy Klobuchar & Rep. Keith Ellison–all Democrats.

Franken is a rabid Zionist; Klobuchar was the county attorney who prosecuted me in 2001 for protesting against experimenting on animals; Ellison ignored my letters asking for help in clearing my criminal record of using a WMD which the FBI placed on my record from the animal rights protest.

Minnesota has blue laws & I respect that by not using blue language when I respond to their appeals. Otherwise I let loose. I don’t expect to hear from them again.

How did it happen that Clinton led Obama into the Libya debacle, as some claim? Was Obama, as Commander-in-Chief incapacitated in some way that he couldn’t perform his official duties & the Secretary of State illegally took over that function?

There’s something peculiar behind that kind of accusation. Something uncomfortably close to misogyny & racism.

Clinton’s politics are wretched but as Secretary of State she was carrying out the policies of Obama, not freelancing. The profiteering off sweatshops that she & her husband did in Haiti were a direct result of Obama’s policies of forcing sweatshop economics on the country.

People are really falling all over Michelle Obama today. Her dancing with DeGeneres & carpool karaoke has cast a spell over her persona.
Her politics are the same as her husband’s which are the same as Hillary Clinton’s.

It’s true that by comparison Clinton looks like she has pole stuck up her ass but that does not make Obama one whit less detestable.

Had friend request on my second account from a nationalist schnook who launched a petition to Modi saying:

“I am against those anti national elements who started their conspiracy in JNU. I want to live in a terror free country. And these anti national elements are the source for terror. Now, the time comes when we should unite in spite of our religion, culture and color and fight against these anti national elements.”

I did abusive ablutions over his stinking petition before I booted his ass & the petition from here to hell.

Banned on Facebook the new Banned in Boston

Banned second time from Facebook, for 7 days this time,  for this post mentioning name of Burhan Wani:

The Facebook wall of Syed Ali Geelani, a leading political figure in Kashmir, has been deleted for sharing a photo of Burhan Wani because it didn’t meet FB’s community standards.

Of course the attempt to erase Burhan’s image & memory assures he will be immortalized as a freedom fighter.

Petition against Facebook censorship

Loath am I to be a nag–& not for the first time in my life over a political imperative–but the petition against FB censorship is moving too damn slow. For those of us perched on the edge of lockout, that is an issue.

Those circulating the petition have thousands of FB friends between us who are not responding to the issue of free speech. The petition isn’t a delusional gimmick to end the occupation of Kashmir. It’s a necessary appeal to FB to respect the US Bill of Rights because the Israeli lawsuit against FB is demanding greater censorship of posts supporting Palestinians & BDS.

You don’t have to like the people who initiated the petition or those cited whose accounts were closed. The issue is way beyond personalities & personal antipathies. It’s about freedom of speech. So for heaven’s sakes, sign the damn thing.

Is India targeting Kashmiri children with pellet guns?

Pellet cartoon

There will be an accounting of the numbers permanently injured & blinded by pellet munitions in Kashmir. It will likely show that the many children injured are not accidental or just caught between protesters & the Indian army but are an intentional policy of disabling youth exactly as Israel used in Gaza when it hunted down children with bombers in 2014.

Part of that policy is to inflict maximum psychological & physical damage on children to demoralize & terrify them against Intifada. India has likely been tutored in these policies by Israel which has long-term contracts for training military forces in Kashmir.

Stand with Kashmiri Intifada. Demand India end the occupation.

(Cartoon from Twitter)