The whole DNC was lies about Clinton’s work for kids. Then Meryl Streep paid tribute to Madeleine Albright. 500,000 Iraqi kids don’t count?

Watching beatification of Clinton at DNC as champion of children. Same person who supported Israeli bombing of Palestinian kids in Gaza? The very same who helped destroy welfare so that kids of undocumented immigrants could not get food stamps?

Jimmy Carter just endorsed Clinton. Tell us again what a champion of Palestinians he is. In politics you can’t play both sides of the street.

Sanders nominates Clinton. His mission is accomplished: delivering progressive naifs & old hacks to the stinking corpse of the Democratic party. His shame has just begun.

Will there be analyses of the failed strategy among his supporters?

US territories Guam & Northern Mariana Islands have delegates at the Democratic convention. The real democrats in those places take no part in choosing who their colonial overlord will be.

Will Henry Kissinger or Madeleine Albright be endorsing Clinton at the Democratic convention? Will Sanders protest since he rightly criticized her for association with Kissinger? Or do they have sense enough to keep their mass murderers out of sight?

That’s the kind of party it is & having a woman candidate does not change its reptilian nature one iota.

Being from Minnesota, I occasionally get emails from senators Al Franken & Amy Klobuchar & Rep. Keith Ellison–all Democrats.

Franken is a rabid Zionist; Klobuchar was the county attorney who prosecuted me in 2001 for protesting against experimenting on animals; Ellison ignored my letters asking for help in clearing my criminal record of using a WMD which the FBI placed on my record from the animal rights protest.

Minnesota has blue laws & I respect that by not using blue language when I respond to their appeals. Otherwise I let loose. I don’t expect to hear from them again.

How did it happen that Clinton led Obama into the Libya debacle, as some claim? Was Obama, as Commander-in-Chief incapacitated in some way that he couldn’t perform his official duties & the Secretary of State illegally took over that function?

There’s something peculiar behind that kind of accusation. Something uncomfortably close to misogyny & racism.

Clinton’s politics are wretched but as Secretary of State she was carrying out the policies of Obama, not freelancing. The profiteering off sweatshops that she & her husband did in Haiti were a direct result of Obama’s policies of forcing sweatshop economics on the country.