Robert Fisk the orientalist

If you look up “Orientalist” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of journalist Robert Fisk’s rear end which is where he speaks with pompous idiocy & gets paid handsomely for it. You know what it’s called when children do it at the dinner table but such unseemly toots have become our man’s journalistic stock-in-trade–especially in his contempt for the monumental, massive, fearless revolutions against dictatorship called the Arab Spring uprisings.

It was a natural progression for him to start tooting out apologetics supporting the Assad dictatorship. He fit right in with that crowd as an éminence grise of Islamophobia with disdain for Muslims, Arabs, & popular democracy. His sarcasms, often mistaken as insights, reached their heights when he told a Canadian interviewer that Muslim Arabs in the Middle East no longer believe in the nation-state; that nearly a million Syrian war refugees proved that by trying to forcibly cross the borders of Europe. With that, Fisk placed himself in the same league as that Slavoj Žižek guy. No deeper toots are heard in all of hell.