Assadist ideologues & their flunkeys have so debased political analysis that many support not just Assad, Putin, & Trump but also Duterte, Maduro, & Aung San Suu Kyi. They are now circulating articles & video interviews on Iranian & Russian media claiming there are no such people as Rohingya, that there is no genocide against them, & that in fact “Bengali illegals” are conducting genocide against Buddhists under the influence of Al-Qaeda & ISIS.

The fountainhead of this rubbish is a detestable Irish guy named Gearoid O Colmain who is into all that anti-Semitic Rothschild bankers crap, writes mountains about the “bourgeois decadence” of homosexuality, supports Assad’s dictatorship in the name of anti-imperialism, mocks the Arab Spring uprisings as orchestrated by the CIA, & denounces Irish activists who protest US warplanes using Shannon Airport as a refueling depot.

A thoroughgoing analysis of these politics are long overdue. When libertarianism first emerged in about 1974 it was a crackpot, marginalized cult that set out to physically destroy Stalinism & the Communist Party in NYC in “Operation Mop-up”. Their weapons of choice were fists & nunchuks, a martial arts weapon. Other socialists mobilized to defend the CP despite their political differences. It was not through countering the libertarian goon squads with weapons or punching them in the face but in physically defending CP meetings & speakers from assault by forming phalanxes around them. A lot of people got hurt defending against those nunchuks but it was an effective collective method that repelled & ended the physical attacks.

Now as political polarization deepens, libertarianism has become a significant political force & in one of the wretched ironies of politics has joined forces with Stalinism in all of its metastases & with fascism. This process is still unfolding but it requires a conscientious theoretical elaboration. If anyone is interested in collaborating on such a project please let me know.