Believe me, I understand the desire of people around the world to bring down US military might. That is also the commitment of millions of Americans who see the carnage of US militarism at home & abroad. But the alternative is not Russian &/or Chinese military power backing down the US. The alternative is massive international opposition to militarism wherever it comes from. Period.

There are those who don’t understand militarism, who think it can play a progressive, even humanitarian role. Like those who call for a US-imposed No Fly Zone in Syria. Apparently they don’t understand the US commitment to the counter-revolution in Syria. Or they haven’t paid attention to the apocalypse that is Mosul. Or to the horrors in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia–just to name the current US wars.

We all want to see the US Pentagon taken down. But not by Russian or Chinese bombers. Only by the forces of social transformation that consider war & occupation an abomination that humanity must & can overcome if we are to survive. Take all those militaries down.