The Assads are far too chic to be dictators

Bashar & Asma Assad 2010 (MIGUEL MEDINA:AFP:GETTY IMAGES) Aug 7 2017

Bashar & Asma al-Assad at a Claude Monet exhibit in Paris so succinctly place Syrian revolution & counter-revolution in perspective–at least as many Assad supporters understand politics. How could people so stylish & au courant, so western & so secular, & by gosh so damn svelte & pretty possibly be guilty of imprisoning, torturing, & hanging thousands, disappearing thousands, carpet bombing millions of civilians?

Why they’re almost as fashionable as the Obamas–the Barack Obama of six monstrous US wars. Justice in war & revolution is not based on what you wear or how classy you look in Paris but whether you stand for democracy & equality or for dictatorship & oppression.
Stop the Syrian, Russian, US bombing of civilians! All foreign military forces out of Syria now!

(Photo by Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images, 2010)