Pal kid with IDF in East Jerusalem (Pal Info Ctr) Aug 5 2017

How old do you think this Palestinian boy is? No more than his early teens & being manhandled by two Israeli soldiers armed like they were in a war zone. That’s not because the boy was particularly disruptive but because he was part of massive protests against the siege & occupation of the Al Aqsa compound.

Youth, in particular young men but also young women, are specifically targeted for abuse & arrest wherever there is social unrest–whether in the US Black & Latino communities, Palestine, Kashmir, & elsewhere. They are seen as the most threatening to social order because they are most fearless in standing against injustice. Some say it’s because they’re heedless of mortality; others say it’s the ardor of their hatred for injustice. Whatever inspires them is a powerful, almost wondrous, thing.

It is a violation of entire volumes of human rights crimes to victimize unarmed youth, no matter how threatening you think them, but it is done with impunity by the US, Israel, & India. Standing with the oppressed means standing against the abuse, torture, disappearance, execution, incarceration of youth.

Long live Palestinian & Kashmir Intifada.

(Photo from Palestine Information Center)