For two days I’ve been chasing down a skeletal baby Chihuahua with an injured eye who wanders the area. He’s led me down allies, through backyards, & always left me in the dust.

Yesterday, two police cars lit up like Christmas trees stopped me because they got reports about my suspicious behavior. When I told them I was tracking an abandoned dog & they saw the nine mutts in my car, they sent me on my way. I’ll remember the car full of Chihuahuas trick if I ever take up a life of crime.

I take my dogs with me since they’re used to hunting with me for Sophie the Houdini Schnauzer. I couldn’t catch the little guy again today so I let Annie & Juan go after him since they’ve both helped me rope in errant dogs previously. They cornered him & exchanged sniffs till I could wrap him up. This herding thing from two Chihuahua mutts is a marvel to behold.