If Myanmar denies UN Human Rights Council team entry to Arakan state, they can interview refugees in Bangladesh

Noor Kayes, 18, holds her 26-day-old unnamed daughter. (Reuters) Mar 30 2017

Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh: 18-year-old Noor Kayes with her 26-day-old daughter. Noor fled with her parents from Poachong village in Myanmar two months ago after her husband was killed by the military.

If the UN Human Rights Council is prevented from entering Arakan state, Myanmar by the military & Suu Kyi regime to investigate charges of human rights crimes, the monitors can begin with Noor & the other 75,000 refugees in Bangladesh. They are free to speak whereas those remaining in Arakan would be terrified of retributions by the military when the UN monitors leave.

This stunning photo is from this wonderful album of Rohingya mothers with their newborn babies in a Bangladesh refugee camp: