If God is behind those fires in Israel & the West Bank he has to be told to stay the hell out of politics

Some commented with triumph that the fires in Israel were God’s wrath & punishment. Since the fires also hit the West Bank, God must be going after Palestinians too.

By such mean-spirited logic, all who suffer in the world are being punished for something. Like the Rohingya Muslims? Kashmiris & Palestinians? Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis? The refugees who drowned in the sea?

Wouldn’t that mean the oppressed deserve war, occupation, genocide & make the oppressors the agents of divine retribution? Wouldn’t that make drone & barrel bombs, pellet guns, summary executions, torture & all the other forms of violence just God’s ways of delivering retribution?

If all that is not just human malice projected as the voice of God, maybe we should tell God to stay the hell out of politics.