Zionism is a museum of magical thinking and horseshit

The education from reading Zionist walls is priceless–like a university of magical thinking & horse you-know-what: Hummus (an Arabic word) is an Israeli invention; Hamas goaded the Israeli military into killing civilians in Gaza last summer to discredit Israel; ISIS is now “competing” with Hamas in Gaza. No word on how they entered unless Israel airlifted them in. Or why ISIS would show up in Gaza after their barbarism in Yarmouk.

Zionists take great umbrage at recent exposure of Israeli war crimes in Gaza by the Israeli veteran & human rights group Breaking the Silence because the unidentified soldiers deployed in Gaza & testifying “could not have known the entire situation.” They were being demonized because “the IDF maintains the highest standard of ethics in wartime.”

And they’re blistering mad that Israeli military brigades to Kathmandu for disaster relief were dismissed as propaganda to deflect attention “from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank & the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip.” There’s a lot of face palming going on over this report. Wait till they read about charges of Israeli baby trafficking from Nepal.

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