Zionism and Islamophobia redefine satire

It’s reported that power in Gaza is on only four hours a day. Thousands remain homeless in a brutal winter. Three babies & one man recently froze to death. Gazan resident, Haidar Eid calls this “slow motion genocide.”

Palestinian cartoonist¬†¬†Mohammad Saba’aneh was jailed in 2013 by Israel for drawing cartoons they thought were about Hamas.
But Netanyahu will be in Paris today denouncing the barbarism of the CH massacre.

Does sarcasm get better than that!? But of course, Zionists & Islamophobes are redefining satire so that it’s indistinguishable from racism. Slap a smiley face on hate & you can get away with murder. It’s getting so you don’t know when to laugh & when to cry.

Build the economic & cultural boycott of Israel! Demand they lift the siege of Gaza.

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