Rollie Mukherjee’s are of women & revolution in Kashmir

Rollie M. :July 17 2016

Once again the extraordinary political art of Rollie Mukherjee in solidarity with Kashmiri Intifada: a prominent feature of her work is that she puts women in the heart of the struggle, where they are–not just to grieve but to participate in the struggle against brutal occupation.

Women have always played a pivotal role in social struggle & have always been denied recognition & respect for that. Rollie honors their role in her work so that she is not just an artist of resistance to colonial domination but to patriarchal domination.

Her description of this marvelous work:

“the background shows wooden houses peeled off like “open wounds”.all women have come outside .protesting… deep pain.their memory is soaked in blood of their loved ones……blood is dripping from the prisoned homes…the ordinary normal life seems a farce….while everyday brutalities of living under military occupation…..where all their rights & demands are curbed…..the walls of the houses have become porous……with constant intrusion & state surveillance ……”.