Women don’t kiss ass anymore; get used to it!

So many times when someone on social media gets testy with me they accuse me of egotism & building a cult. Narcissism & grandstanding in politics get on my nerves too so I make it easy on my accusers & dump their asses. But I’ll tell you what’s really going on. A lot of people, regrettably men & women, want women to speak timorously, want us to hedge our opinions like we’re uncertain, want us to blow hearts & kisses so as not to offend, & apologize all over the place. They want us to be uncertain, cowed, deferential. We’re only allowed to speak in a strong voice if we’re credentialed with advanced degrees.

This is when feminism meets Godzilla & our tormentors learn the meaning of the block button–social media’s special kind of hell.

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