Willy & KKKKaty on tour in Australia: an update

Willy & KKKKaty Windsor’s trip to Australia is really doing the British moochocracy proud–especially if you’re the kind of person who believes everything you read & your critical faculties have been blunted by too much Murdoch media.

Yesterday, our duo, without George the umpteenth as a prop, toured a children’s hospital in Sydney. When they met a seriously ill little boy, it is reported they “visibly struggled to keep it together.” Willy claims he welled up with tears & was really worried he would start crying. Odd that, since there’s an immense library of media reports describing how the austerity cutbacks in England are affecting thousands of sick, disabled, & poor kids. When Willy & KKKKaty collect their welfare checks there’s no evidence of any tears welling up in shame. They seem to have complete peace of mind in putting kids back in England at risk to bankroll their indolent lifestyle.

The bad news is KKKKaty appears to be back on her one biscuit a day starvation rations; the good news is it appears George the umpteenth is actually being fed whole meals. In a week or two he’ll weigh more than mama. Reports claim KKKKaty made sport of a growing bald spot on Willy’s head. If she’s not careful that one biscuit a day will be cut in half.

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