Willie and KKKKaty take NYC by a whimper not a storm

There will be plenty to say by the time Willie & KKKKaty finish their trip to NYC. Presently Willie is at the White House meeting with Obama. To discuss what? Haute couture? Or troops in Afghanistan & Iraq?

KKKKaty, who’s living off the money cut from education & health care in England, toured a Harlem day care center with the mayor’s wife Chirlane McCray. It’s observable & quite creepy that the British moochocracy whose fortune rests on brutal colonialism seeks out photo ops¬†with Blacks on their travels. Sometimes this doesn’t work out so well–like when Willie & KKKKaty were photographed riding a sedan chair borne by Blacks on one of their Commonwealth tours. We’re supposed to find it endearing when Harry chuckles it up with Black kids. It’s about as endearing as a Walmart ad.

Anyway this investigative reporter, unreconciled to any rapprochement with moochocracy, is on the ground looking for dirt against them & will keep you posted.

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