Why was Chelsea Manning partying with fascists & white supremacists?

After serving 7 years in prison for exposing US war crimes, it’s entirely believable that Chelsea Manning is not a fascist as she’s being accused for attending an extreme right nightclub party in Manhattan to celebrate Trump’s first year in office. She herself identified them as the “fascist/white supremacist hate brigade.” But she didn’t booze it up & party hearty with white supremacists for the several reasons she offered: (1) she “crashed” the party, (2) she was confronting enemies “face-to-face in their space”, (3) she was “gathering intel”, (4) she was there “to bridge gaps between left & right.”

She may be a complete fool, colossally stupid, or politically naive. But she may also feel affinities with that crowd having to do with racism. No one gives a rat’s ass about her gender but there are no free passes on white supremacy, not even for whistleblowers.