Why refugees are going to Europe & not Saudi Arabia

There’s a lot of useless & accusatory speculating about why Arab regimes are not accepting refugees. And of course the implication is that Europe is being unfairly burdened while Arab regimes are waltzing away scot-free from the crises.

Perhaps those speculating should familiarize themselves with a map–not to mention some facts about politics. Which Middle East countries do they suggest take in refugees? The ones they’re fleeing from like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, & Palestine? Perhaps Saudi Arabia? But there are no reports of
Saudi border patrols fighting back refugees trying to get into the country. Are thousands trying to get into Egypt so they can live under a military dictatorship?

In fact, Jordan is taking in refugees from Syria, as it has long taken in Palestinians dispossessed by Israel. That’s just a fact, not a commendation of Jordan’s feudal monarchy.

The refugees themselves dictate our solidarity. They are choosing to flee to Europe & we have no rights to second-guess them. Our only commitment is to support them wherever they go. European countries, along with the US, Canada, Australia, have every obligation to take refugees & immigrants in because this tsunami would not be happening were it not for military aggression against the peoples of the Middle East.

An essential part of solidarity with refugees is re-building the international antiwar movement demanding US-NATO get the hell out of the Middle East & stop supporting the apartheid regime of Israel.