Why are Ivy League educations producing such moronic presidents & candidates?

Clinton lies so articulately. Articulate is what a good education should, but doesn’t always, get you. Trump, for example, also has a class-A education & he can’t string a coherent thought together without his bombast getting in the way.

But perhaps some are too young to remember George Bush Sr. & Jr. who were both notorious for their ineptitude with thought & language. A comedic industry emerged from the verbal gaffes of GB Jr. Before GB Sr. was president, the NY Times had a practice of publishing presidential press conferences verbatim. He’s probably not stupid since those who run this country put him in charge of the CIA, made him VP, then president. But you wouldn’t know it from his verbal skills. He was such a bumbling linguistic idiot that I believe the NY Times might have ceased publishing press conferences to cover for the guy.

This is not a defense of bumbling idiocy since what Trump can’t coherently express is a head stuffed full of political rubbish & malice. But there is certainly no lesser evil when Clinton is only able to counter with practiced & articulate deceits.